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Cheap Limo Service – Cheaper Than a Cab

When it comes to inexpensive chauffeured transportation, the old adage “the more the merrier” is alive and well. In addition, limousine operators are very competitive. These savings are passed on to you and the cost of a party limousine can actually be less than that of taxi fare. Cheap limo service prices are here to stay more.

However, the term cheap limo service should not conjure up an over-glorified cab ride. I am not suggesting a cheaper vehicle dressed up to resemble a chauffeured – driven bucket-of-bolts. Rather, the phrase cheap limo service in this case simply means a reduction of price while maintaining a high-quality limo rental service.

For instance, my friend recently went online and researched limo rental quotes to find a solid, reliable cheap limo service for as little as $19 per passenger for the evening. Do keep in mind that such factors as the amount of passengers, length of rental and your location does make a difference. Often, large metropolitan areas will offer the best prices because of a more competitive field of limousine operators, allowing a reduction of cost. You and your riders will then receive a cheap limo service.

Even if your limo rental needs are not as inexpensive as a cab – yet similar in price – compare the two vehicles. A well dressed service-oriented chauffeur as opposed to someone who may be wearing old blue jeans. Think of the difference of interiors. One is a state-of-the-art luxury vehicle while the other needs directions to a car wash.

When asked, most passengers prefer a limo ride over its’ taxi counterpart any day. So, the next time you are in search of having some fun and you would rather rely on a professional driver for safety and convenience, consider a cheap limo service – one that will offer enjoyable memories at a reasonable cost.